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2017 National Alpaca Farm Day

Raynay Alpaca Farm will be participating in National Alpaca Farm Day this Fall. The farm will be open from 10 am to 4 pm on Saturday, September 23rd. This is a free event that allows the public to visit a working farm and learn all about alpacas. We have a farm store located on the property with wonderful alpaca related wearable such as comfy socks as well as a vast supply of alpaca yarn. Yummy treats too, honey harvested from our 3 beehives and homemade jams and jellies from locally grown fruits, some from our farm!! Mark you calendar and come rain or shine!! No pets allowed.

Meet Cosmic Dust in Person at our Farm Day!!
Moonshine at 3 weeks, Goldstar grandson

Electrofyre 2017 Reserve Get of Sire Futurity 2017

Electrofyre Boys at RAC 2016

In November 2007, we found and purchased 100 acres with a quaint farmhouse in Caswell County, NC, and decided to make that our home. Alpaca farming became a reality for us in February of 2008 when we made our first alpaca purchase. Since then, our herd has grown through the purchase of new alpacas and the birth of our own new crias.

We started our suri herd with amazing bloodlines from the Wilkins Ranch in Nebraska and learned valuable information from them and Joe Miller. Their guidance and support has helped us develop our own spectacular herd which we are constantly trying to improve with outside genetics and scientific tools available such as skin biopsies and EPD's.

We are now fully involved in the national show-circuit and have met some wonderful alpaca ranchers from all over the United States, not to mention that our show-string alpacas have been very successful in the ring. We have recently constructed a new 40 x 60 barn and enclosed another 10 acres of pasture. Our pastures are constructed of no climb fencing to ward off predators plus we employ the services of our 6 of Great Pyrenees LGD.

We have a farm store onsite, open by appointment, filled with alpaca yarn and wearables. Our farm has several fruit trees, blackberry vines and grape vines allowing us to process and sale fresh homemade jams and jellies. We have 3 beehives that provide wonderful honey as well as pollinating our fruit trees along with 20 "pasture" chickens that entertain us as well as producing incredible tasting eggs.

If this is the life you are dreaming about contact us and we can help make your dream a reality!!