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Electrofyre's Cosmic Dust!!

Congratulations to Gary Wilson of Midnight Moon Suris @ R & R on his recent acquistion of 50% ownership of Cosmic Dust. Thank you Gary and we look forward to the upcoming show season and a bright future for this amazing boy.

Results from 1st Show of the 2016-17 Season!!
Electrofyre Boys at RAC 2016

Barn is COMPLETED and in USE!!

Delivered Electrofyre male cria and rebred to MMALP Mercury!!

In November 2007, we found and purchased 100 acres with a quaint farmhouse in Caswell County, NC, and decided to make that our home. Alpaca farming became a reality for us in February of 2008 when we made our first alpaca purchase. Since then, our herd has grown through the purchase of new alpacas and the birth of our own new crias. Our Great Pyrenees' pups, Rambo and Razor, have become fine protectors of our alpacas. Rambo is in charge of the girls and Razor the boys.
Everything was new to us, and we loved learning all we could about the alpaca industry. Soon after, though, we began exploring the show-circuit side of the business.

We have since added another set of LGD brothers, Kasey and Max. Kasey and Rambo are in the new barn while Razor and Max are tending to the boys.

In May of 2012, Raynay Alpaca Farm officially began partnering with Broken Road Alpacas in Geneva, NE. During this transition, each farm maintains its own herd and day-to-day operations, but we now suddenly co-own over 100 alpacas! We have formed a merger LLC called Miller-McMahan Alpacas. We are thrilled to be in a partnership with Joe Miller.

All good things must come to an end, MMALP has dissolved and we have split the Miller-McMahan herd but will work closely with one another during the transition to make sure all of our customer's concerns are taken care of in a timely fashion. Thank you Joe Miller and the Wilkins for your guidance and support as we learned the ropes from some of the most knowledgeable folks in the suri industry!

We are now fully involved in the national show-circuit and have met some wonderful alpaca ranchers from all over the United States, not to mention that our show-string alpacas have been very successful in the ring. At this time, we are making arrangements to incorporate more fenced-in pasture area and a larger barn to accommodate the arrival of more co-owned alpacas.

Update!! Pasture fencing is going up NOW!!! Can't wait to move the pacas and pyres to the new digs. We have been waiting over a year to get the pasture mature and fencing in.

January 18th, 2016 we officially moved the girls and show alpacas to the new barn!! 2 more Great Pyr pups, Chief and Atlas are in training and hopefully will make the move to the new barn in the Fall of 2016 when the rest of the herd from Nebraska arrives.