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About Our Store

The overall goals of our farm are two-fold. First of all, we will continue to develop and improve our championship bloodline breeding program either from our own herd or by branching out and selecting a champion male outside of our herd. We have found that by attending the shows on a national level, we are able to market our Suris as well as take a look at possibilities to improve our own herd. In addition, we want to continue to educate our local public about the beauty of alpaca ownership. We enjoy offering farm tours to allow people to experience interaction with our herd while explaining their history and usefulness. We allow the public to see alpaca fiber in many different forms - in its natural state, roving, spun-yarn in skeins, or in finished handmade products. We also want to continue to take steps, even small ones, to ensure self-sustainability. We are currently creating wearable garments from our alpacas' fiber, honey from our bees (selling either the raw honey or incorporated in home-made lip balm and soap), consuming and selling eggs from our chickens, and preserving and selling the harvest from our garden/grape vines/fruit trees. All are offered for sale in our Farm Store.